About us

Founded in August 2003, Caribbean Children’s Foundation Inc.

seeks to make a difference

in the lives of poor and orphaned children in the Caribbean through …


… Orphan Sponsorships


… Tuition Assistance Programs


… School Feeding Programs


… Academic Reward Goat Programs


… Assistance to Critically Ill Children


… Construction of Orphanages & Schools

To learn more check out our website at



Contact us at

Caribbean Children’s Foundation, PO Box 33, Jenison MI  49429.0033  U.S.A.




2 Responses to About us

  1. Renee Tewes says:

    Nora: I was given your name by Jay Brinkmeyer. I am on the Lutheran Family Services Board in Nebraska and we are looking at the possibility of our organization doing adoptions out of Haiti. The task force I am on needs information on whether there are adoptions occurring out of Haiti now and how that is facilitated. Also, if they are not adopting children out of Haiti, what do we have to do to start that process. Any information you can give us would be appreciated. God bless you! Renee

    • Nora Léon says:

      Dear Renee,

      Adoptions from Haiti still remain difficult, but I have learned of one person who is willing to do adoptions to families willing to take an “unborn child”. What I mean by that is, if you do not have a child pre-selected and are willing to do the paperwork and then when the paperwork is completed take a child that was recently born, it is do-able. Otherwise, the children that are pre-selected can sit here in Haiti waiting the 2-3 years for their specific adoption to go through. An “unborn child” adoption could take as little as 6 months and the cost would be about $14.000. Food for thought!

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