Happy 15th Anniversary Caribbean Children’s Foundation


Happy 15th Anniversary CCF!

Little did I know in 2003 what Caribbean Children’s Foundation would look like 15 years later!  I am so grateful for the many ways that God has blessed the ministry.  New programs, awesome volunteers, funds that came in just at the time that we really needed them … these things and more is what the last 15 years have brought!

I thought that a fun way to celebrate would be to list 15 ways that you can help!  Pick one!  Pick more!

  1. Pray for Caribbean Children’s Foundation
  2. Pray for the staff of CCF
  3. Pray for the many volunteers who we could not do without!
  4. Sponsor a student at $25 or more per month!
  5. Sponsor an orphan at $50 or more per month!
  6. Donate to our Academic Goat Reward Program!
  7. Come visit us in Haiti and see the ministry firsthand
  8. Organize a fundraiser for CCF
  9. Let us know if you would be interested in serving on the board of CCF
  10. Make a donation to CCF to be used where needed most
  11. Volunteer to share a special talent to make CCF even better
  12. Help us fund the medical clinic that is currently under construction
  13. Offer to teach a skill at GRACE Trade School
  14. Have a CCF staff member speak at your church or place of business
  15. And did I mention? Pray. Pray

A donation can be made by using the DONATE button on our Facebook page.  You can pay by credit card even if you are not a Paypal member.   Here is the link …



Mail your donation to Caribbean Children’s Foundation, PO Box 33, Jenison MI. 49429.0033

About Nora Léon

Executive Director for Caribbean Children's Foundation Missionary to HAITI and the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
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