Communiqué #075


to the PEOPLE of HAITI

February 1, 2010


The Refugee Camp has evolved into a new neighborhood in LesCayes. Children can now be seen making kites and flying them.  The children and the camp staff can be seen playing jump rope.  Even some of the teenage girls of the orphanage were starting to find their “first loves” in the camp!  Yikes!  Good thing it was moving day today!


The move to the site in Torbeck was met with a mixture of feelings. The children asked if Léon and I were coming too.  Some of the orphans cried.  Some disappeared from sight to sulk in silence.  Many said they did not want to
leave the house where they had lived for so many years.  They expressed apprehensions about almost everything.  This afternoon the bus was
packed with all the last minute things as Léon and I stood and waved goodbye.  Things were VERY quiet at the church compound after they left.  Now
Léon and I need to find a small, safe house to rent, until our permanent home on the orphanage site can be built.

The children will be temporarily housed in the house that was being built for Leonie and in another building nearby that was previously
used as a medical clinic.  A few of the vacated tents will be kept on hand in the event aftershocks force the children to sleep outside once again.  We have been told that aftershocks can be expected through most of February.

The new orphanage campus has been on the drawing board for a long time.  People would ask us when we would get started on the actual construction of the children’s new homes.  Because of the earthquake, our answer has become, “Now!”


Send your tax-deductible checks to


1303 Forest Park Road

Muskegon MI 49441.4638


Donate online (where
a fee will be deducted from your donation)


Nora Léon Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic           Until next time. God willing …………

About Nora Léon

Executive Director for Caribbean Children's Foundation Missionary to HAITI and the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
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  1. Farah says:

    Is there a Facebook link? A site such as this should be seen by the masses.

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