Communiqué #050


to the PEOPLE of HAITI

June 15, 2008



Has someone in your life ever done something so incredible for you that you wondered if ever in your lifetime you would be able to find a way to repay them?


I am struck by how God has given Léon and me the possibility of a chance like that!


Just yesterday, Léon had a visitor.  I had never seen this man before and had no idea what he had come to talk to Léon about.  Later, I learned that this man’s 16 year old daughter is in need of heart surgery that is unavailable here in Haiti.  Someone had told him that maybe I could help and upon arriving at our home, he had encountered Léon first.  After his departure, Léon told me that he would be returning with his daughter so that I could go over all of the necessary information with them in hopes of obtaining help for his daughter.


Only a couple of hours passed before the man returned with his beautiful, young daughter.  While I took down the necessary information, I learned that the father had been one of Léon’s teachers in elementary school.  I couldn’t resist asking him if Léon was a good student.  He answered my questions with only a smile.  We continued filling out the paperwork and soon afterward they left.


Today, Léon and I were talking and he said that he didn’t know if the father of the girl remembered it or not, but it was the father who prayed with Léon right after he took Jesus into his heart one day at elementary school.  Léon said that gesture is something that he will never forget.  And then a year later, the father proceeded to ask Léon to be a Bible teacher at school.


I cannot wait to see the father again!  I want him to know how he forever touched the life of my husband and helped in preparing him to be the person that he is today.  How can you thank someone for something like that?   By some great miracle, I pray that we can help by finding someone to perform the life-saving surgery for his daughter!!!!   Who would have ever guessed that years and years later God would give us this chance!


I would cherish your prayers, not only for this 16 year old girl, but also for a 7 month old girl, and an 8 year old girl who all have come to me in the last week seeking needed surgeries for heart problems, as well as a 4 year old boy needing treatment for severe burns.  As we know, God hears and answers prayers!


Nora Léon

Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic                               Until next time ………….

About Nora Léon

Executive Director for Caribbean Children's Foundation Missionary to HAITI and the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
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